Can A 3 Week Extreme Accelerator Produce A Billion Dollar Startup?

Over the weekend my article on TechCrunch on how accelerators are the new business school seemed to hit a good nerve. Coincidentally, it went live as I’m serving mentor duty at The European Innovation Academy, a unique, three week extreme accelerator program in Nice, France. Over 400 students from five continents have descended on University of Nice Sofia Antipolis campus to form teams with strangers, mash up their ideas, launch over 70 products, and race to 1,000 users. All in just 3 weeks. They are assisted by over 50 international mentors from business, venture capital, and academia.

It may seem impossible to produce anything of value in such a short period of time, but I submit to you the four teams under my wing: three were conceptualized and built from scratch since July 6th and one existing that made a major pivot with the help of new team members. Next week they will compete to be in the top-10 to pitch for real funding in front of a panel of VCs.


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