Vitaly M. Golomb

Vitaly M. Golomb a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, investor, and author. He is the Founder of Keen Systems, Founding Partner of CCC Startups, Executive Producer of the Startup AddVenture conference series, and Author of Accelerated Startup – The New Business School.

Vitaly grew up in Cupertino and has been involved with startups since his teenage years. He has founded multiple companies and VC-backed startups. He holds a degree in Computer and Video Imaging and has guest lectured at Stanford, UC Berkeley, St.Mary’s and other universities around the world on entrepreneurship, innovation, and design.

Vitaly is passionate about improving society by nurturing entrepreneurship around the world. He is contributing writer for TechCrunch and other publications and has been a consistently top-ranked mentor at a number of startup accelerator programs in US and Europe. He travels to over 20 countries every year as a keynote speaker. He consults and teaches workshops to the next generation of entrepreneurs, as well as enterprises and governments fostering innovation.

His new book, Accelerated Startup – The New Business School, is the Pocket MBA for the 21st century. Traditional business schools are not prepared to provide the evolving skills and mentorship required to build tomorrow’s billion dollar companies. Many are choosing to apply to accelerators instead of MBAs and learn by doing at a rapid pace. The book provides all of the latest tools and techniques used by the world’s top accelerator programs to manufacture successful startups.

Vitaly is the Director and Executive Producer of Startup Spring – How Middle East Tech Entrepreneurs are Rewriting Their Future, a feature length documentary shot during the Startup AddVenture Middle East tour. Coming in 2016.

Keen Systems
Vitaly founded Keen Systems (venture-backed by 500 Startups and IDG Accel) to provide modern ecommerce tools and a marketplace for the $700B printing industry. With offices in Silicon Valley and Ukraine, Keen is one of the leaders in its category and has won the industry’s biggest technology award, The InterTech. Prior to founding Keen, Vitaly was the CEO and Creative Director of Sputnik, an award-winning design and marketing firm with multiple offices in US and Europe.

Startup AddVenture
Since 2013, Vitaly has served as the executive producer of the Startup AddVenture conference and tour that brings some of the world’s top startup experts to tomorrow’s high-potential startup hubs. A cultural exchange bringing knowledge and inspiration from the industry’s best and showcasing local startup stars of tomorrow. The first event attracted over 1,700 attendees and 45 international speakers to Kyiv, Ukraine during the first weeks of the Maidan Revolution. It was called “one of the top startup events in Europe” by TechCrunch. In 2015 Startup AddVenture has already toured Central Europe and Middle East where it has earned the nickname of “TED for Startups” for its highly-concentrated educational format.

CCC Startups
Building on the success of Startup AddVenture, Vitaly co-founded CCC Startups, a global network supporting exceptional entrepreneurs in Europe, Middle East, and beyond. CCC is focused on high quality events and investments that help up-and-coming startup ecosystems grow by connecting local talent with global markets.

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