Vitaly M. Golomb – Venture Futurist (Keynote Speaker)

Why Vitaly

Topics: Corporate Innovation, Exponential Technologies, Political Economics & 3rd Industrial Revolution, Venture Capital & Startups

Vitaly M. Golomb leads global venture investments in 3D Printing, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and other technologies of the 3rd Industrial Revolution at HP Tech Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Silicon Valley’s original startup. Before joining HP, he was a serial entrepreneur who started out as a teenage design wunderkind.

Vitaly is the author of Accelerated Startup (2017) that has already been called a “must read” by numerous global leaders in the startup ecosystem. He is a contributing writer to TechCrunch, the world’s leading technology news source, and other publications.

Vitaly is a dynamic speaker who has brought deep insights on Silicon Valley-style innovation and future technologies to corporations, governments, and the next generation of entrepreneurs in over 50 countries in the past few years through major events such as TEDx, Web Summit, Mobile World Congress, Slush, Impact, and at Fortune 500 companies’ private gatherings. He is a consistently top-ranked mentor at some of the world’s top startup accelerator programs and has guest lectured at Stanford, Cambridge, IE, UC Berkeley, St. Mary’s, UCLA and other universities on entrepreneurship, innovation and design.

Latest Topics

Disruptive Technologies of the 3rd Industrial Revolution
Rapid technology advances in the 3 A’s – Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence – are completely changing major industries, such as Health, Transportation/Logistics, Manufacturing, and Finance. The average time companies spend at the top of the Fortune list is shrinking and their tenure in the S&P 500 went from 75 years to 16, with 75% of the current list expected to be replaced by 2027. While the effect on business cannot be underestimated, the socio-economic ramifications are even more profound. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to replace 47% of all jobs in the next two decades leading to a radically transformed near-future labor market. Vitaly discusses recent technology breakthroughs in 3D Printing, Synthetic Biology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and their effect on business, education, labor, and the new economy.

Corporate Innovation in an Exponential World
It took Slack less than 21 months to reach the same $2B value as the 164 year-old New York Times. Uber went from taking a piece of the San Francisco taxi market, to quadrupling it in less than 4 years. Today startups are disrupting markets at an increasingly faster pace and enterprises find themselves having to innovate or fade away. Vitaly discusses the necessity and components of corporate innovation programs that he has tested first-hand at HP and helped other enterprises put in place, including: startup ecosystem participation and support, corporate incubators and accelerators, corporate venture capital, and M&A. He also surfaces key techniques startup founders use to rapidly develop new products and markets that can be applied to projects within large organizations and government innovation programs.

Vitaly’s Classic Topics

Accelerated Startup
Traditional business schools are not prepared to provide the evolving skills and mentorship required to build tomorrow’s billion dollar companies. Many are choosing to apply to accelerators instead of MBAs and learn by doing at a rapid pace. Vitaly’s upcoming book provides all of the latest tools and techniques used by the world’s top accelerator programs to manufacture successful startups. In this dynamic presentation, Vitaly discusses innovation’s importance to society, why accelerators are the new MBA, and how to get into and leverage the top programs.

Don’t Be A Wantrepreneur
Many dream of one day becoming their own boss, but few make the leap from talking about it to doing it. Be it the next hot app or a coffee shop, most ideas never come to fruition because fear can be a stronger emotion than hope. At any given event in Silicon Valley or around the world, there are numerous dreamers who need that extra push. In this presentation, Vitaly lays out the personality traits that separate entrepreneurs from the rest, how to identify ideas that can become valuable companies and how to turn them into reality.

Pitching Like a Boss
Pitching is storytelling with a hook. A good pitch can get an investor excited, land a crucial partnership, close a deal with that big customer, or bring on board that rockstar employee. Mastering the art and science of pitching is crucial to entrepreneurs, sales people, and marketers. In the past few years, Vitaly has trained thousands on how to pitch, including startups in some of the world’s leading accelerator programs that went on to raise millions of dollars. In this highly popular presentation, he lays out the anatomy of a pitch, how to engage the audience with the right call to action, and the unspoken body language to bring it all together.

Design Driven
Apple owes the title of the world’s most valuable company to its genius in design. Good design is never accidental and at the core of a successful product is an elegant solution to a painful problem. Design has earned a very important seat at the table with today’s companies especially in the world of software and apps. In this highly engaging presentation, Vitaly covers principles and business value of good design, design disciplines, how to hire and work with designers, and the design success formula.

Startup Here, Startup Now
It is easier to launch a startup anywhere in the world than it was in Silicon Valley in 1999. Technology, commerce, and marketing platforms make it possible to be in business in minutes. While Silicon Valley will continue to be the center of the innovation universe, numerous exciting opportunities are available just about anywhere. In this custom presentation, Vitaly brings the latest data on industry growth and venture capital trends, analysis of opportunities and challenges in the regional market, and what it takes to succeed on a global scale.

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