Entrepreneurship is changing the world at an incredible pace. Billion dollar companies are sprouting in the time it took to get a single product out in the past. Giant industry leaders are struggling to keep up with the pace of market disruption. Governments and NGOs all over the world are taking a page out of Silicon Valley’s book to drive their economies into the future.

Vitaly is a global entrepreneur with deep insights from many years in the Silicon Valley trenches. He’s been on every side of innovation and is now exporting those secrets to the rest of the world.

Read below for information about Vitaly’s book, keynotes, workshops, and consulting.

Accelerated Startup: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Startup Dreams Come True From Idea to Product to Company

Pocket MBA for the 21st century. Traditional business schools are not prepared to provide the evolving skills and mentorship required to build tomorrow’s billion dollar companies. Many are choosing to apply to accelerators instead of MBAs and learn by doing at a rapid pace. Vitaly’s new book provides all of the latest tools and techniques used by the world’s top accelerator programs to manufacture successful startups.

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Keynote Speeches

Deep insights in to the world of innovation, design, and entrepreneurship. Vitaly adapts his speeches to inspire and educate each audience. He makes complex business topics unambiguous and accessible while his listeners come away informed, encouraged, and inspired.
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Workshops / Lectures

There is nothing like hands-on learning. Vitaly uses his years of experience in design, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship to create informative and educational lectures and workshops. His breakthrough exercises bring groups together and provide practical knowledge and experience.
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Strategic Consulting

With many years of Silicon Valley experience on both the entrepreneurial and investment sides, Vitaly provides a unique strategic advantage to his clients. His expertise is wide and deep: from product strategy to scaling operations, raising the first round of investment to deep VC due diligence on a critical deal.
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9fd97d41-d05d-45c3-927a-ed34c7808de6.png.635x0_q85“Vitaly’s work in bringing small startups in out-of-the-way places into the international spotlight is amazing. He’s one of the major figures in the entrepreneurial scene and his focus outside of the insular valley brings amazing results.”  
– John Biggs, Editor, TechCrunch

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