Eight Road Warrior Travel Health Hacks for the Busy Entrepreneur


Despite all of the video conferencing tech, travel will always be a crucial part of business. You don’t have to be a sales machine to make frequent travel a normal part of your role – as even startups are getting increasingly global. Everyone knows that nothing is more important than taking care of their health but travel, too often, provides a convenient excuse.

Between offices in Silicon Valley and Ukraine, exploring startup ecosystems on four continents, and frequent speaking engagements; in the last couple of years I’ve found myself racking up some serious frequent flyer miles. Worst yet, I’ve been switching 8-14 hour time zones twice or more each month. I’m not getting any younger and the travel will not let up any time soon. So I’m becoming increasing more focused on staying healthy through it all.

More recently, I’ve been sharing my acquired and tested “travel health hacks”. They are collected for your pleasure below – I hope you find them useful in dropping your excuses.

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