• What it Takes to Raise Series A Today

    A young CEO of growing seed-stage startup in Ukraine asked (and me to answer) an interesting and important question on Quora. ¬†Thought I’d share my thoughts more broadly as you may find it useful.

    Question: How did you raise a Series A round for your first startup? What lessons did you learn?
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  • How to Cold Pitch an Investor

    As many people associated with the Venture Capital industry, I get tons of cold emails and messages on LinkedIn asking for advice and referrals. Today I received a message from a frustrated young founder with a cold pitch and a very familiar statement: “Every VC I have met with has said that we are too “early stage” for them, even though most of the VC’s we talk to are early stage investors.” ¬†This is one of the most important things to understand and get right when first thinking about fundraising.

    I still remember the early days and that is why I spend time mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. So here’s my answer and I hope it is helpful to a few more would-be founders out there:

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