• I Met Entrepreneurs in 11 Countries in 2013, Here’s What I Learned

    2013 was a rewarding year of travels for me. Three continents, 122,000+ miles, and lifelong memories with some of the most amazing people around.

    I wrapped 2012 with a quick trip to LeWeb in Paris and a visit to London’s startup (party) scene. That set me up for a holiday back home with the family in California and some well needed rest for the whirlwind, I had no idea, 2013 was going to turn in to. I’ll keep this somewhat TL;DR as there are a number of great in-depth startup ecosystems reviews of Europe and South America. Read on…

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  • What it Takes to Raise Series A Today

    A young CEO of growing seed-stage startup in Ukraine asked (and me to answer) an interesting and important question on Quora.  Thought I’d share my thoughts more broadly as you may find it useful.

    Question: How did you raise a Series A round for your first startup? What lessons did you learn?
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  • How to Cold Pitch an Investor

    As many people associated with the Venture Capital industry, I get tons of cold emails and messages on LinkedIn asking for advice and referrals. Today I received a message from a frustrated young founder with a cold pitch and a very familiar statement: “Every VC I have met with has said that we are too “early stage” for them, even though most of the VC’s we talk to are early stage investors.”  This is one of the most important things to understand and get right when first thinking about fundraising.

    I still remember the early days and that is why I spend time mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. So here’s my answer and I hope it is helpful to a few more would-be founders out there:

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